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TKDA’s surface transportation experts deliver long-term solutions that improve public safety and mobility on highways, roadways, trails and bridges. Our multi-disciplined transportation practice is built on long-term trusted relationships with counties, state Departments of Transportation, municipalities, and design-build partners. 

Expertise + Integrated Solutions

TKDA’s team creates vibrant trails and greenways connecting your community and your residents to outdoor treasures. From concept to construction, we treat every trail and park project as an opportunity to create sustainable, healthy enhancement so communities can grow and thrive.

Our bridge design experience includes a broad range of successful projects for state Departments of Transportation, counties, municipalities and private clients. From the design of new bridges to the replacement, rehabilitation and repair of existing structures, our team has decades of experience delivering innovative design solutions that are cost effective and minimize future maintenance costs for our clients. By focusing on collaboration and high quality performance our experienced bridge team creates safe and lasting structures that improve transportation mobility and connect communities.

TKDA’s transportation planning team collaborates with a range of public and private clients to solve capital investment, economic development, equitable mobility and accessibility, environmental, and operational efficiency challenges. Our planning work is rooted in a deep understanding of transportation system engineering and design, and a firm belief that the best solutions for these complex systems are found in comprehensive community and stakeholder engagement. The resulting planning solutions leverage existing infrastructure investments and broad user and operator insights to create smart and resilient transportation systems. 

We develop solutions for parking and maintenance facilities that bring a human touch to mechanical operations. Our transportation designs work for current needs but are also capable of adapting to new roles in the next phases of their lifecycles.

TKDA’s transportation team optimizes utility planning, design, and construction activities to control costs and mitigate risks to the project and the public.

Our experienced staff creates flexibility in your infrastructure program, so your utility is prepared for ever-evolving requirements. Our team builds lasting relationships with you and your stakeholders to optimize, economize, protect and extend the life of your water and wastewater utilities.

TKDA’s experienced transportation planners and highway designers deliver innovative solutions that improve public safety and mobility

We understand the importance of a safe and efficient transportation infrastructure system. We bring decades of experience and diverse expertise to provide our clients with a full complement of services, including sustainable transportation planning, geometric layouts, multimodal planning, preliminary engineering and final design.

TKDA’s experienced team helps counties and State Departments of Transportation plan and design a safe, efficient and sustainable transportation system that will function for generations to come.

TKDA’s team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, we offer a wide range of services including roadway design, traffic analysis, pavement management, and transportation planning for both urban and rural roadways. Whether it’s designing new roadways or improving existing ones, our expertise in surface transportation allows us to tackle complex challenges to create transportation networks that support economic growth and improve the quality of communities.

TKDA’s team of transportation professionals design projects that help increase quality of life, minimize risk, serve different modes of transport, and improve operational capacity. Traffic planning includes corridor studies, traffic impact studies, congestion management, and traffic engineering. We understand that safe cost-effective transportation infrastructure is fundamental to the growth and vitality of your community. Any project that impacts local streets and roads is designed to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

TKDA works closely with our clients to develop and implement practical, cost-effective, and maintenance friendly stormwater control measures. Designs are balanced to minimize costs while providing flood control, enhancing water quality, and protecting wetlands, lakes, and rivers.

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