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US 14 TH 42 Roundabout

TKDA improved mobility and safety with newly constructed roundabout

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) District 6 office hired TKDA to design a roundabout to reduce the number and severity of crashes while improving the mobility of US 14 and TH 42. The project scope included the roundabout analysis and design necessary to generate a (Level 1) preliminary geometric layout for presentation to MnDOT’s Layout Review Committee, completion of the project’s environmental document (CATEX), and Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments on a property acquired for the project. The project also included comprehensive coordination with nearby trucking operators served by the intersection, the permitting and design tasks necessary to construct an on-site stormwater treatment pond, and detailed construction staging to coordinate the roundabout construction with a neighboring MnDOT project. The roundabout design included pathways for bikes and walkers connected to the Great River Ridge and Chester Woods state bike trails.

All preliminary design elements were incorporated into final construction documents, which met MnDOT and local approval. TKDA also led the public information process through public and agency meetings, City website updates, and status reports on the City’s Facebook page and newsletters.

CLIENT: Minnesota Department of Transportation
LOCATION: Eyota, Minnesota