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Rail Facilities

TKDA knows the rail industry needs more than track to run a business

At TKDA we have a team of architects and engineers who understand the rail industry and culture. We have decades of experience in rail facility design and construction management. We understand the need for efficient, flexible solutions that hold up to the demands of rail equipment and end users. TKDA offers design-bid or design-build services on a wide-range of rail facilities, including mainline and service fueling facilities; tank car loading and unloading facilities; truck loading and unloading facilities; tank farms; pump houses; diesel fuel; lube oil and water systems; sanding systems; yard air systems; utilities; buildings – new and remodel; locomotive; car and coach maintenance facilities.

Our multidisciplined railroad design group offers flexibility, experience and the knowledge to meet your custom project and specialized process needs. We can inspect, troubleshoot or study your facility issue and design a cost effective, efficient and lasting solution.