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TKDA combines our years of experience with new technology to design wastewater infrastructure solutions that are cost-effective, reliable and easy to operate. We provide a broad range of planning and design services to clients with wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure. We work closely with you to plan and design facilities that function to their specifications, but are also cost-effective to build, operate, and maintain. 

Expertise + Integrated Solutions

TKDA’s experts efficiently assess and recommend the right rehabilitation, repurposing and replacement of wastewater infrastructure. With our expertise in wastewater management, we understand the challenges with everything from designing and implementing a new wastewater treatment plan to optimizing existing treatment processes, and rehabilitating aging infrastructure. We help clients ensure compliance and regulatory standards, improve system efficiencies and protect the environment.

TKDA understands the public pain points associated with inefficient and unreliable wastewater systems.  Our expertise in designing and optimizing wastewater collection systems allows us to tackle issues such as sewer backups, overflows, and inadequate capacity. We help our clients ensure reliable wastewater conveyance, reducing the risk of system failures and public health hazards. Our solutions are designed to improve the overall performance and resilience of wastewater infrastructure.

The integrated team at TKDA has a depth of experience to assist with comprehensive wastewater planning, including feasibility studies, system assessments, and master planning. We utilize advanced modeling and analysis techniques to evaluate current and future wastewater needs. TKDA takes a forward thinking approach to help ensure that your systems are designed for population growth and changing regulatory requirements. Our team also considers the best solutions to minimize environmental impact and maximize cost-effectiveness.

TKDA understands the importance of adhering to environmental regulations and obtaining necessary permits for your wastewater projects. With our in-depth knowledge of wastewater regulations and permitting requirements at local state and federal levels, we provide expert advice and support. We can guide you through the complex compliance landscape and negotiate favorable permit conditions to help you avoid penalties and delays.

We offer a range of capabilities to help you harness the potential of wastewater as a valuable resource. TKDA’s experts assess and recommend the right rehabilitation, repurposing and replacement of wastewater infrastructure. As a multi disciplined firm, TKDA has the know-how to seamlessly integrate gravity sewer, lift stations, force mains and treatment plant facilities with structural and electrical, controls and instrumentation. We provide sustainable solutions that not only reduce the strain on freshwater resources but also offer cost savings and environmental benefits. 

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We want you to be involved! You will be encouraged to share your ideas, ask questions, and express your opinions. Our employee-owned culture fosters collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and open communication. Whether you are just starting out or you have years of experience, you will find a challenging and rewarding career at TKDA where your contributions will be recognized and rewarded. We’re always looking for great talent to join our teams.