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Luverne Wastewater Treatment Plant

New wastewater treatment plant helped new and existing industrial users expand operations

The City of Luverne needed to expand its Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to allow for new industry to develop and for existing industrial users to broaden their operations. Over the course of five years, TKDA assisted the City with an alternatives evaluation, facility plan preparation, detailed design, and construction administration. The improvements not only expanded the original 1955 WWTP capacity by 50%, but also allowed the City to meet new water quality requirements by adding biological and chemical phosphorus removal to the WWTP. Additional improvements included the addition of an anaerobic digester, dual fuel boiler, and waste gas burner. The City was able to reduce its energy costs by harvesting and burning gas from the new digester rather than using natural gas.

CLIENT: City of Luverne
LOCATION: Luverne, Minnesota