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TKDA serves a wide range of education facilities and campus needs with full planning and design services and a passion for creating flexible, efficient learning environments. The products of our approach to planning and design for education are cost effective facilities that support our clients’ unique cultures, programs, and priorities. In a landscape where change is accelerating for educational institutions, TKDA is your partner for long-range planning, project design, implementation, and ongoing facility asset management solutions.

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In our experience, the most important elements of a campus of are often unseen or unnoticed. Central plants, utilities, transportation infrastructure, even facility asset management and campus planning are essential to efficient campus operations. TKDA’s engineers and architects draw on the diverse expertise across our company to solve even the most complex campus utility, energy, transportation, and operations challenges. 

We believe student housing facilities are living and learning communities that encourage collaboration and a sense of belonging. The quality of housing is also one of the most important issues students consider when evaluating residential campuses. As we design student residences, we include contributions from students, making their input a vital part of the process.  

The hub of any learning community is the student center. While often housing the campus post office, cafeteria, student government offices and bookstore, these facilities are also important environments for collaboration. With this in mind, we design student centers to encourage socializing and activation of spaces while focusing on the economic realities of a campus with efficiency in core functions like food service operations. 

TKDA understands the competitive advantage sports and recreation facilities provide as attractive amenities to current and prospective student athletes. These facilities are also gathering places serving assemblies and events of all types, and can open doors to surrounding communities.

Classroom and administrative buildings must deliver flexible support for the programs and teaching initiatives of the departments using them while allowing maximum space utilization and efficiency. Today’s changing educational environment requires these buildings to deliver universal technology and information access and accommodate the requirements of partnerships between schools and businesses. TKDA consistently delivers successful projects that address facility management challenges while creating compelling environments for learning. 

TKDA leverages our experience in corporate and industrial laboratory environments to create teaching and research labs that enable faculty, students, business partners and researchers.  

Like our approach to laboratory design for education, TKDA combines our experience designing learning environments with our expertise creating industrial and manufacturing facilities for some of the most advanced manufacturers in the nation. The results are collaborative, creative environments that can evolve with the changing needs of business partners and foster skill development for students.  

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We want you to be involved! You will be encouraged to share your ideas, ask questions, and express your opinions. Our employee-owned culture fosters collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and open communication. Whether you are just starting out or you have years of experience, you will find a challenging and rewarding career at TKDA where your contributions will be recognized and rewarded. We’re always looking for great talent to join our teams.