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TKDA’s Troy Androli to teach aspiring engineers at the University of Minnesota

Troy Androli, a senior registered engineer in TKDA’s structural group, has stepped into a new role as a Teaching Specialist at the University of Minnesota. Troy is teaching Project Management and Engineering Economics, a required course for students in the Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering department. This is a writing-intensive course intended to help develop project management and communication skills, along with introducing economic topics that students will come across throughout their engineering careers.

“In this course, I want you to learn what you need to know to be successful in the engineering field – except for the engineering part, that is what your other classes are for,” Troy told his students during his first lecture. “I want students to understand the role of the project manager, develop leadership skills, and know how the consulting engineering industry works.”

Troy believes his 15 years of working at TKDA is the greatest value that he brings to his teaching role. He is excited for the opportunity to draw on his experience as a practicing project manager and engineer to educate his students about the wide variety of diverse challenges they will navigate in their future careers.

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