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Providing Safe and Sustainable Infrastructure to Rail Industry

TKDA is a leader in providing innovative rail solutions to a variety of clients, including Class I and shortline railroads, passenger rail and transit agencies, municipalities, ports and harbors, and industrial and private developers. With over 110 years of experience, we are dedicated to improving the reliability and safety of rail transport systems across the United States. Our experts offer planning, design, and construction management services for a wide range of complex freight and transit rail projects. To honor our expansive history and support rail clients in providing safe and sustainable infrastructure in the future, our rail and transit facilities, fueling and industrial wastewater, and emerging technologies teams are investing in the technical capabilities necessary to deliver high-quality, tailored solutions.

Rail and Transit Facilities

We provide integrated services for the planning, design, and evaluation of client assets to provide new construction, along with maintenance, expansion, replacement, and retrofit of a wide range of rail and transit facilities, including:

  • Heavy/light maintenance shop
  • Employee, crew, and terminal
  • Training and administrative
  • Maintenance, service, and inspection
  • Passenger and commuter stations and platforms
  • Operation and repair


To help freight and passenger rail clients run successful businesses, our team offers design-bid-build, design-build, and other alternative delivery services on a wide range of rail facilities. We have the experience and knowledge to meet custom projects and specialized process needs. With experience in rail, transit, and government operations, we are a trusted partner and leader in freight, intercity, commuter, and light rail planning, design, and construction management projects that ultimately meet the demands of rail equipment and end users.

Fueling and Industrial Wastewater

We excel at delivering critical planning, system design, and construction management services for our clients. Our expertise includes:

  • Bulk fuel storage facilities
  • Service platforms
  • Tank car unload racks
  • Track pans
  • Industrial wastewater system rehabilitation
  • Locomotive traction sand systems
  • Yard air systems
  • Water main replacement


For these client needs, we provide services ranging from conceptual design and regulatory review to full design and construction management. Our vision with each project is to provide exceptional engineering services catered to the precise needs of each client and project. This vision leads to our goal of assisting our clients in selecting a design that meets regulatory compliance and simplifies or improves operations cost-effectively and sustainably. Overall, our multi-disciplined team translates our substantial expertise to provide custom solutions tailored to our client’s needs from concept to completion.

Emerging Technologies

We help support and guide client initiatives to implement new technologies into their rail infrastructure. Our team advances and defines the development of our multi-disciplined services for:

  • Zero emission vehicle deployments
  • Bridge, track, and train inspections
  • Solar and electric energy transition infrastructure
  • Battery energy storage systems
  • UAV/Drone integration
  • Operations data management and analysis
  • GIS services


We provide design, scope development, and construction management services for electrified equipment infrastructure projects. We are leaders in renewable conversions, and our experience on rail and transportation projects extends all over the country. Additionally, we coordinate with environmental agencies to understand potential permitting that may be required on electrification projects.

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