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White Bear Township Engineer

TKDA provides ongoing engineering services to support the infrastructure of local township

TKDA has served as the designated Township Engineer for White Bear Township for over 40 years. During this ongoing relationship, TKDA’s work has included planning and implementation of a water system, installation and rehabilitation of the water treatment plant, installation and rehabilitation of lift stations, pavement rehabilitation programs, street improvements, water meter installations, and wellhead protection services.

Public infrastructure is a core function of our business, and our team provides the full range of project-required engineering services including capital planning, preliminary and final infrastructure design, construction administration and observation, and management and operational support. We function as both consulting city/township engineers and as specific project engineers for many projects depending on the situation. We have also worked on behalf of White Bear Township with respect to CIP development and funding assistance and have acquired numerous grants for township improvements.

CLIENT: White Bear Township
LOCATION: White Bear Township, Minnesota