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Water Treatment Plant No. 2 Rehabilitation

TKDA Helped Improve Water Meter Readings with Updates to 94,000 Meters

To supply higher quality finished water and increase water capacity, the City of Luverne needed to rehabilitate Water Treatment Plant No. 2. The City selected TKDA to conduct filter media pilot tests, prepare plans and specifications, and provide construction administration services.

The project required the demolition of the existing concrete detention tank and the construction of a new prestressed concrete detention tank and a new well in the South well field. TKDA also assisted with replacing the existing filter media, filter nozzles, air wash system, and backwash water pump. The rehabilitation improvements allow the City water operators to provide higher quality finished water, triple the water plant capacity, reduce backwash requirements, and eliminate the Potassium Permanganate feed in the treatment process.

CLIENT: City of Luverne
LOCATION: Luverne, Minnesota