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TH 610 Completion Design-Build

TKDA Improved Traffic Flow and Reduced Costs on a Major Highway Completion Project

As the lead design engineer on the TH 610 Completion Design-Build project, TKDA was responsible for all design aspects of constructing the connecting link between TH 610 and I-94. Our design included a new interchange and supporting roads, new entrance and exit ramps to and from I-94, and multiple bridges and tunnels.

Our team included several key components to reduce overall project costs and delays. The design included a TH 610 grade separation over CSAH 81 and the BNSF railroad, eliminating two of MnDOT’s geometric design exceptions. The design of two concrete tunnels eliminated the need for two additional bridges, thereby reducing the initial and long-term costs of the project. TKDA also minimized potential delays for over 40,000 daily motorists by eliminating the need to reconstruct eastbound CSAH 81.

CLIENT: Minnesota Department of Transportation
LOCATION: Maple Grove, Minnesota

ACEC/MN Engineering Excellence Honor Award