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Semer’s Park Pavilion

TKDA Designed New Pavilion for Park Users to Enjoy Scenic Views

The City of Ely contracted TKDA to develop a heavy timber framed pavilion at Semer’s Park in St. Louis County, MN. The pavilion was sited neatly on a slope adjacent to the beach so that parkgoers could take in the beautiful views of Shagawa Lake while enjoying an outdoor picnic or partaking in small summer gatherings. The 600 SF structure was constructed with field stone bases with concrete caps that act as benches, large stained Douglas fir timbers to reinforce the idea of protection, and thick steel brackets for durability and strength. Our team worked closely with the timber supplier to ensure that every detail met the Owner and design team’s aesthetic and functional requirements.

CLIENT: City of Ely
LOCATION: Ely, Minnesota