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Runway 4-22 Conversion to Dual Use Taxiway

TKDA’s Dual-Use Runway and Taxiway Design Enhances Operational Agility

When safety and capacity issues arose at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, multiple airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) supported the conversion of seldom-used Runway 4-22 into a dual-use runway and taxiway. The project required complex lighting solutions, a system to change the configuration quickly, and an interlock system. The MAC and TKDA engineers designed a carefully phased, complex project to install a dual lighting system and electrical controls.

Great teamwork, extensive coordination, precise design, and diligent construction management made it possible to maintain ongoing airport operations and complete this project early and within budget. Runway 4-22 can now operate as a runway or taxiway, the only system of its kind in the United States approved by the FAA.

CLIENT: Metropolitan Airports Commission
LOCATION: Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
AWARDS: ACEC/MN Engineering Excellence Grand Award, ACEC National Recognition Award, Great Lakes AAAE Project of the Year, MCOA Project of the Year