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Runway 14-32 Extension

TKDA Leads Effort for Strategic Runway Extension at Morris Municipal Airport

Triggered by growth in business jet activity at the Morris Municipal Airport, TKDA planners and engineers worked with airport users to justify FAA funding for a 900-foot runway extension to Runway 14-32, for a total length of 4,899 feet. The existing runway had deteriorated to the point of requiring full reconstruction. Our team helped the City of Morris expedite this project, going from planning to construction phases within two years. The City received over $7.0M in Federal discretionary funding for the multi-year project, which was funded at a 100% federal share. We worked closely with airport management and users to coordinate airfield closures and minimize operational disruptions. The reconstructed runway allows for greatly improved runway facilities, which provide the needed length for local businesses to access markets nationwide.

CLIENT: City of Morris
LOCATION: Morris, Minnesota