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Northstar Commuter Rail: Fridley Pedestrian Tunnel

TKDA Ensures Commuter Safety with Strategic Pedestrian Tunnel at New Rail Station

To provide a safe crossing at the proposed Fridley Station along the Northstar Commuter Rail, BNSF Railway Company needed to construct a pedestrian tunnel under five active tracks. TKDA prepared the bidding documents and oversaw the construction of the new tunnel. The 160-foot-long tunnel is 12 feet wide by 10 feet high and composed of five-foot-long, reinforced, precast, rectangular concrete segments. TKDA completed the project in two phases with short work windows. BNSF allowed a two-day work window for the first phase of work and a 30-hour work window for the second phase of work.

CLIENT: BNSF Railway Company
LOCATION: Fridley, Minnesota