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New Car Shop Building

TKDA Designs Norfolk Southern’s State-of-the-Art Car Shop

When Norfolk Southern Corporation needed a new car shop in Elkhart, Indiana, they hired TKDA to provide design services. The project involved the construction of a new 31,200 SF building.

Working with our affiliate Cedar Street Architecture, we designed a building consisting of a pre-engineered steel frame set on spread footings with insulated metal wall panels and an insulated panel standing seam metal roof system. The base of the walls are 10-foot tall precast concrete panels. The building features include a five-ton overhead crane, three in-floor jack systems, six jib cranes, high bay lighting, convenience electrical power and welding receptacles, propylene, oxygen, and compressed air distribution system for welding and air-powered tools, and a fire suppression system. Construction also included a heating and ventilation system.

CLIENT: Norfolk Southern Railway Company
LOCATION: Elkhart, Indiana