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Minnesota State Fair

Mention the State Fair to TKDA staff and you get an instant smile and quick testimonial about how much they like working there: the down-to-earth client, the variety of projects, and the place itself. Like their TKDA counterparts, the board and staff are pragmatic, focused, and committed. They recognize the need to maintain and upgrade while helping the Fair evolve with the changing world. Each year, TKDA assesses one-third of the fairgrounds, identifying maintenance needs and public safety concerns. TKDA has also worked on countless projects over the years, from the Space Tower foundations, Machinery Hill renovations, Miracle of Birth Center, the equestrian arena, visitor center, restrooms, and International Bazaar to site hydrology, utility upgrades, electrical infrastructure, and sustainability study.

Most of all, TKDA staff are strong believers in what the Fair stands for and provides to Minnesota. With its traditional role of educating and dispensing information, the Fair continually exposes people to new ideas and innovations. It is also a unique public forum where people see and hear fellow Minnesotans from all backgrounds and persuasions. Walking through the Fair with family and friends during the “12 best days of summer,” it is a place where TKDA employees can proudly convey and recount their own small role in preserving and improving this treasured cultural asset.

CLIENT: Minnesota State Fair
LOCATION: Falcon Heights, Minnesota