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Hidden Falls Stream Underpass

TKDA provided drainage design for trail and stream crossing

TKDA prepared the drainage and structural design for the daylighting of the creek upstream of Hidden Falls, which was buried in the early 1900s and confined to a 48-inch storm sewer pipe when the property was used as a Ford Assembly Plant. An overlook was constructed to provide views of the waterfall and creek valley from the roadway level and at the edge of the waterfall. A tunnel was constructed for pedestrians, bikes, and the flowing creek that extends from the Highland Bridge mixed-use development to Hidden Falls. Mississippi River Boulevard was fully reconstructed, including roadway, trails, storm sewer, lighting, and guardrail. At the creek level, pedestrians can experience walking next to exposed bedrock walls, and stacked native limestone blocks are used as weirs to control water levels and flow in the creek and waterfall.

CLIENT: City of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation
LOCATION: Saint Paul, Minnesota