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Hennepin Technical College Boiler Replacement

TKDA Provided Design and Construction Administration for a Boiler Replacement

TKDA provided design and construction administration services for the boiler replacement project at the Hennepin Technical College Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie campuses. Prior to moving into the final design, TKDA performed a study to analyze optimal boiler size and configuration, as well as analyze the feasibility of alternative heating system options, such as steam-to-hot water conversion and heat pumps. The project replaced three 500 bhp low-pressure steam boilers with two 500 bhp and one 200 bhp low-pressure steam boilers. TKDA coordinated the sequence of construction with the contractor to keep two boilers operating during construction to maintain steam to the campus. The project also involved replacing the condensate tank and pumps, the deaerator and boiler feed pumps, and the backup fuel oil pumping system. An extensive boiler control system was designed allowing the boiler operator to monitor the operation of the boilers from a remote workstation in the boiler control room.

CLIENT: Hennepin Technical College
LOCATION: Saint Paul, Minnesota