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Hall Park Improvements

TKDA Enhances Hall Park, Fostering More Connected Park Spaces

Hall Park in the Near North neighborhood has a pedestrian bridge connecting the east and west sides. The Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board (MPRB) hired TKDA to improve the park and play area on the west side and create connections to the east. The new play opportunities are visibly connected across the pedestrian bridge, drawing users across the bridge with attractive and welcoming amenities. The construction of the adventure play area will be completed in a future phase. Overall, the park improvements included a new play area, circulation improvements, orchard planting, a bike skills course, a pool shade structure, signage, and related landscaping. TKDA’s design team worked with MPRB and JXTA Arts to incorporate public art into the park and bike skills course.

CLIENT: Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board
LOCATION: Minneapolis, Minnesota