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Godfrey Bridge Replacement

TKDA Rehabilitated 90-Year-Old Bridge in Minneapolis’s Most Popular Park

Hennepin County, in partnership with the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, retained TKDA to complete a bridge feasibility study, preliminary and final design, construction administration, and inspection for the replacement of the CSAH 46 Bridge over Godfrey Parkway in Minnehaha Regional Park, one of Minneapolis’s oldest and most popular parks. At 90 years old, the bridge was well past its intended life. The primary project goal was to replace the existing bridge while limiting the approach to roadway reconstruction. Innovative ideas and a well-thought-out and sequenced construction staging plan for traffic, bicyclists, and pedestrians were essential for this successful project.

The option recommended in the feasibility study, and ultimately constructed, was the staged construction of a prestressed concrete beam superstructure with semi-integral abutments supported on micropiles. This superstructure made it possible to avoid large open-cut excavations. Our design allowed the continued use of CSAH 46 for traffic and the Grand Rounds Trail for pedestrians and bicyclists for the entire project duration and minimized impacts to existing trees and landscaping.

CLIENT: City of Minneapolis/Hennepin County
LOCATION: Minneapolis, Minnesota

ACEC/MN Engineering Excellence Honor Award