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Ely Municipal Airport Taxiway Apron

TKDA Enhances Aircraft Safety and Operations with New Taxiways at Ely Municipal Airport

TKDA provided professional engineering design and construction administration/observation services for the construction of the Partial Parallel Taxiway and Connector Taxiway A2 at the Ely Municipal Airport. The existing direct-access asphalt taxiway pavement did not meet FAA design criteria and exhibited severe deterioration due to its age and heavy use by forest service aircraft. The airport asked TKDA to design these projects in sequence to minimize airport operation impacts. Our team worked diligently to coordinate this project with the airport, the FAA, and MnDOT Aeronautics throughout the entire design, construction, and funding phases.

This project illustrates how our dedicated staff collaboratively works with airport staff and stakeholders to fast-track a complex design and construction project. Detailed schedules, exhibits, and aircraft movement simulations allowed us to effectively communicate design and construction elements and successfully complete this project.

CLIENT: Ely Municipal Airport
LOCATION: Ely, Minnesota