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DWP Trail Stewart Creek Bridge Rehabilitiation

TKDA transforms rail bridge into multi-Use trail

Formerly carrying the Duluth, Winnipeg, and Pacific Railway, the Stewart Creek Bridge required rehabilitation to increase safety for pedestrians, skiers, mountain bikers, equestrians, snowmobilers, and service vehicles. TKDA provided engineering services for the design and construction management of the bridge rehabilitation.

The City prioritized scenic views of the St. Louis River Valley for bridge users to enjoy, so our team incorporated an overlook at the bridge’s midpoint and a “see-through” railing. As part of the project, we evaluated a second railroad bridge along the trail, a 45-foot-long timber pile trestle that was ultimately deemed structurally unsound. TKDA prepared a plan for demolition and site grading to provide an at-grade trail intersection with the Clyde Connector Trail.

CLIENT: City of Duluth
LOCATION: Duluth, Minnesota