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Dodge Center Municipal Airport Transient Storage Hangar

TKDA spearheads strategic expansion Of hangar storage at Dodge Center Municipal Airport

When the Dodge Center Municipal Airport required additional hangar storage for transient aircraft, TKDA, City staff, the Airport Advisory Board, and the FBO developed a business plan to fund the capital and operational expense of a hangar facility. The new hangar consists of an 80-feet by 80-feet pre-manufactured steel building and is insulated and heated to keep aircraft warm during the winter. A concrete parking apron provides access to the hangar and additional aircraft parking.

TKDA prepared a 30% design and performance-based specifications package for use by contractors in bidding, and the selected manufacturer/bidder provided final design services once awarded the contract. Bid alternates were included to match the desired facility features with the available funding. Bid alternates were awarded for additional concrete apron and floor insulation.

CLIENT: City of Dodge Center
LOCATION: Dodge Center, Minnesota