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Bethune Community School Systems Upgrades

TKDA Implemented HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Improvements at School

The Bethune Community School in Minneapolis needed major mechanical and electrical upgrades to replace aging mechanical equipment, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and electrical systems. TKDA provided mechanical, electrical, structural, and architectural design services necessary to complete $4.5M in upgrades.

The project involved removing wall ventilators in each room and converting the existing heating/cooling piping system. The school was retrofitted with a new ducted VAV (variable-air-volume) system throughout, which included new air handling units, heating/cooling distribution piping and pumps, and an automated HVAC control system. The team also replaced the existing steam boiler with three new high-efficiency hot water condensing boilers. The project included installing new plumbing fixtures, electrical system upgrades that incorporated new LED lighting and control systems, and related architectural improvements. TKDA also worked with the local utilities’ Energy Design Assistance (EDA) Program Team to identify potential design alternatives and available energy rebates.

CLIENT: Minneapolis Public Schools
LOCATION: Minneapolis, Minnesota