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Baytown Township Engineer

TKDA Provides Engineering and Planning Services to Support Increase in Residential Development

Baytown Township is in Washington County, Minnesota, and is predominately made up of residential and agricultural properties. Its close proximity to the Twin Cities has led to an increase in residential development over the years. Along with nearly 1,900 residents, the Township is also home to the Washington County Fairgrounds and the Lake Elmo general aviation airport.

TKDA provides Baytown Township both planning and engineering services. As the Town Engineer, we review pavement conditions and recommend improvements. Projects follow the MN Statute 429 process as they are assessed to the benefitting property owners. Our team prepares feasibility reports, completes topographic surveys, designs the projects, and performs construction inspections. We also review any engineering plans for new developments to ensure they meet Township standards. TKDA attends Town Board meetings and neighborhood meetings for projects so we can provide advice, guidance, education, and recommendations at these meetings.

CLIENT: Baytown Township
LOCATION: Baytown Township, Minnesota