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3.3 Million Gallon Reservoir Project

TKDA helped city meet long-term water storage demands with high-capacity reservoir

To meet long-term water storage demands, the City of Rochester needed to replace two existing reservoirs with a single high-capacity reservoir. Working with Wallace Holland Kastler and Smith, TKDA assisted the Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) with the new 3.3M gallon reservoir design and construction.

This new reservoir replaced a 500,000-gallon reservoir along 4th Street East and a 1.5M gallon reservoir in St. Mary’s Park. Due to aesthetic concerns, the project team added an architectural exterior to the tank, which featured recessed arches, brick pilasters, and an Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS). The new reservoir allows RPU to meet the long-term water storage demands of the Main Level Service Area of Downtown Rochester.

CLIENT: Rochester Public Utilities
LOCATION: Rochester, Minnesota