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GIS & Mapping Services

Our team of GIS experts specialize in making your data work for you

GIS is a powerful information system that builds spatial relationships with tabular data. It incorporates geographical references to present information in a clear fashion, improving the operational efficiency and actions of your team. Our analysts can help you implement a GIS system tailored to fit your organization’s needs. We’ll work closely with your staff to develop GIS data, maps and applications, providing your team with a single source of accurate, up-to-date data. This aids in the planning process of your overall sustainable design.

GIS Services:

  • Data Management – Maintaining one true source of data allows for accessibility and collaboration across your organization.
  • Analysis – Utilizing geospatial software ensures a holistic approach and innovative solutions to everyday problems our clients face.
  • Graphics – Our team employs GIS to help decode complex issues into concise and captivating visuals that bridge the gap between experts and your community.
  • Web & Mobile Applications – This service assists with routine maintenance, the engagement of the community and a wide array of other functions. Integrating web and mobile apps can be used to track maintenance, lifecycles, project progress and improve clarity and accessibility between your organization, stakeholders, and the community.

Additionally, by utilizing GIS analytics and mapping capabilities, TKDA has created a new era of airport planning and design. Integrating Airport Layout Plans and Airport Master Plans into GIS provides airport clients with quick and efficient methods to manage their airport and plan for growth with the ability to quickly adapt and adjust those plans as needed.

  • Airport runway showcasing pavement markings as GIS data