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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

TKDA has embarked on a deeper Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey. We will strive to value diversity, embrace equity and prioritize inclusion in everything we do.  We have developed a purpose statement to declare our intent for this work, and we have identified three goals to keep us advancing on our mission.

We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion work is never finished. We are committed to listening and recognizing opportunities to improve our firm culture with the goals of attracting diverse candidates and helping all employees feel valued.

We are also committed to help make the communities where we work and live better for all of us.

  • A group of TKDA employees sitting in stadium seats at a St. Paul Saints baseball game.

TKDA DE&I statement 

  • We commit to seek out and value diversity of thought for the innovation and problem-solving capacity it brings to our teams. 
  • We aspire to reflect in our workforce the diversity of the clients and communities we serve. 
  • As a leader in the architecture, engineering and planning sector, we commit to embracing and advancing the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion in our organization and in our profession.


1. Expanding TKDA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion awareness
  • Hosting company events to engage our employees in a deeper understanding of DE&I, specifically:
    • Investing in ongoing training for our managers and employees to make TKDA an inclusive workplace
    • Planning regular employee events to define DE&I and validate its importance in the company and the regions we serve
    • Formalizing our Employee Resource Group structure and participation with contextual understanding of DE&I awareness and sensitivity
2. Creating a TKDA culture that embraces diversity of thought
  • Welcome dynamic opinions and input, specifically:
    • Increasing opportunities to engage employees in meetings, company-wide initiatives, strategic planning and other forums
    • Reviewing and revising TKDA values statements to ensure our values reflect the culture we aspire to achieve
  • Increase diversity in leadership roles, specifically:
    • Implementing individual development process to include leadership competency development for employees
    • Developing succession planning tools and talent reviews further into our organization to open new pathways for employee advancement
    • Establishing leader-led mentor/mentee relationships for diverse team members
3. Increasing TKDA workforce diversity and equity
  • Understand communities we serve, specifically:
    • Funding and volunteering in programs that help improve the communities where we have offices.
    • Inviting a cross-section of clients to share how they are advancing DE&I within their organizations
  • Expand diversity recruiting by supporting STEM-based programs in K-12 schools and offering scholarships at a variety of colleges and universities, specifically:
    • Supporting STEM enrichment programs in underserved elementary school communities
    • Supporting technical education and workforce development programs to connect high school students to real work opportunities
    • Offering scholarships at schools and universities and expanding this program to reach diverse students
    • Supporting student organizations that advance the careers of diverse students in technical fields
  • Engage TKDA employees in programs to help reach these goals
    • Increasing TKDA employee participation in higher education Capstone projects
    • Increasing opportunities for TKDA employees to become involved in recruiting, mentoring and volunteering at events to help introduce diverse candidates to our company