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Our team understands the importance of supporting cities, counties, and other government agencies through infrastructure improvements. In 2023, TKDA acquired Sáez Consulting Engineers (SCE), a Seattle-based civil and structural engineering firm, to support these agencies in the Pacific Northwest. With the addition of SCE, we have expanded our local resources and elevated our service offerings to provide more comprehensive solutions.

Today, our integrated team of engineers, planners, and other specialized experts work closely to support cities with their transportation and facility needs. These capabilities include:

Municipal Infrastructure: Our team offers a range of services, including wet and dry utility relocations, safe route design, stormwater management, site development, surveying, mapping, and facility design.

Surveying: We support our clients with multiple projects, including construction staking, topographical surveys, scanning and settlement monitoring, transportation and roadway design, and construction QA/QC. Our state-of-the-art equipment and software help our clients with complex construction stakeouts, accurate as-builds, and renditions of existing conditions for use in reports and construction documents.

Utilities: Our local engineers specialize in power and communication, lift stations, flow control, SWPPP, fire supply, and domestic services.

Structures: Our facilities team focuses on walls, foundations, box culverts, and sign structures. We engage communities to create sustainable and resilient spaces that are beautiful and highly functional. From plazas and playgrounds to large-scale parks, rehabilitated nature preserves, and community centers, our projects tell great stories about the positive impact these facilities have on communities. 

Solar: We have a dedicated team of engineers that specialize in solar array and battery storage as a Core Business Unit. Our team has an in-depth understanding of the technical requirements of solar plant design, but their real expertise lies in guiding clients on how to adopt solar power in a way that fits their specific needs.

Housing: We recently completed two complex projects for Housing Kitsap, quickly resolving site conditions while staying on budget and schedule involving survey, mapping, and civil and structural engineering. We have successfully completed many multi-family facilities for private developers and the Seattle Housing Authority.

Trails and Parks: We provide complete planning and design services to create vibrant parks and corridors connecting your community to our outdoor treasures. We have successfully executed a broad range of trail and park projects for the National Parks, King County, and Kitsap County, aiming to create sustainable and healthy enhancements for the public. 

Safe Routes to Schools: We understand the safe route mandates and have completed several projects for school districts and cities in Western and Eastern Washington.

Parking Lots: Our team has worked on various parking lots, particularly for parks or as an ancillary element of our projects. We understand the intricacies of ADA requirements and parking access geometries.

Fish Passages: Our team is well-seasoned on fish barrier removals, with our expertise in structures, civil roadway, hydrology, survey-mapping, utility coordination, and CADD modeling of the new creek re-alignments.

SR 305 Safety Improvements Hostmark to Ferry Terminal

TKDA established horizontal and vertical control, completed property line surveys, and implemented the entire three-dimensional manual deformation monitoring program. The project entailed replacing an existing 48-inch diameter RCP culvert on this salmon-bearing stream with a 20-foot diameter fish passage crossing a 120-foot-high railroad embankment. Our team worked closely with the contractor and the geotechnical project engineering during the tunneling construction to read, reduce, and report the daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring readings.

Port Gamble Forest

TKDA completed the topographical mapping and geotechnical investigation recommendations for two vehicular parking facilities for Kitsap County Parks. The effort began with a preliminary design and environmental assessment to define the location and dimensions and identify the potential environmental impacts on the parking facilities. The first facility included the Stottlemeyer parking lot, which has vehicle stalls, ADA, and horse trailer parking. The next facility, the Heritage Ride Park parking lot, contains vehicle stalls, ADA, and one portable ADA bathroom.

Port of Bellingham Solar

Working with Sazan, TKDA assessed 12 building rooftops within the Port of Bellingham and five parking lot areas at the Port of Bellingham Airport for potential solar PV installations. The project scope included providing recommendations and cost estimates for various locations, which will assist the Port in planning for a PV system roll-out in subsequent years. The wide array of building types and ages included web locker buildings that were all wood pole barn structures with aging roof beams. This required creative planning, layout, and cost considerations to prepare the Port and project managers for implementation and grant application planning.

The Buxton Center for Bainbridge Performing Arts

The project site is the current location of the Bainbridge Performing Arts Center in Bainbridge Island, WA. TKDA worked on designing and documenting the site demolition, horizontal controls, grading, paving, curbs, sidewalks, gutters, stormwater drainage and site recharge systems, and the temporary erosion and sedimentation. Our team also prevented and coordinated the permitting process with governing authorities, designed all non-electrical utilities, developed criteria for the site survey, and coordinated work with the architect and consultants.

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