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Delivering Safe and Efficient Transportation Solutions

TKDA’s experts develop integrated transportation solutions that consider all modes of transportation, reduce congestion, and improve safety and mobility. Our team works with Pacific Northwest cities, counties, and government agencies to solve capital investment, economic development, equitable mobility and accessibility, environmental, and operational efficiency challenges.

Our traffic and transportation engineering professionals approach challenges with technical expertise and a well-rounded understanding of driver behavior and expectations. We work closely with clients to create safe and efficient solutions that meet project goals, satisfy design standards, and stay on schedule. Collaboration and hard work have made us a trusted partner on highway, bridge, trail, park, utility, roadway, drainage, stormwater, and surveying projects.


TKDA’s experienced transportation planners and designers deliver innovative solutions that improve public safety and mobility. We understand the importance of a safe and efficient transportation infrastructure system. With decades of experience and diverse expertise, we provide our clients with a full complement of services, including sustainable transportation planning, geometric layouts, multimodal planning, preliminary engineering, and final design. Our experienced team helps plan and design a reliable and sustainable transportation system that will function for generations to come.


From inspection to design through construction, our bridge team has decades of experience delivering innovative and cost-effective design solutions that minimize future maintenance costs for clients. By focusing on collaboration and high-quality performance, we create safe and lasting structures that improve transportation mobility and connect communities. Our bridge design experience includes successful projects for State Departments of Transportation, counties, municipalities, and private clients. 

Trails and Parks

TKDA’s team creates vibrant trails and greenways, connecting your community and residents to outdoor treasures. From concept to construction, we treat every trail and park project as an opportunity to create sustainable, healthy enhancements so communities can grow and thrive. From plazas and playgrounds to large-scale parks, rehabilitated nature preserves, and community centers, our projects tell great stories about the positive impact these facilities have on communities. At TKDA, we have successfully completed a broad range of trail and park projects for the National Parks, King County, and Kitsap County.


Our team builds lasting relationships with communities to optimize, economize, protect, and extend the life of water and wastewater utilities. We have extensive experience in sanitary and water supply systems and provide reliable infrastructure that forms the basis of safer and healthier communities. By taking a practical approach, we help address utility operational efficiency and new capital projects and provide resourceful solutions to take projects from start to finish. We assist in locating funding opportunities, identifying which source is most beneficial for communities, and preparing competitive applications. Once funded, our team can help with project administration and complying with state and federal grant program requirements.


Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers offers a wide range of services, including roadway design, traffic analysis, pavement management, and transportation planning for both urban and rural roadways. Whether designing new roadways or improving existing ones, our expertise in surface transportation allows us to tackle challenges to create transportation networks that support economic growth and improve the quality of communities.

Drainage and Stormwater

With the ever-changing regulatory environment, it’s important to understand development impacts and water resources management strategies to preserve and improve receiving water bodies. The TKDA team includes experts with experience working on parks, natural resources, and stormwater improvements or studies. Our team specializes in planning, designing, permitting, and constructing hydraulic, hydrologic, and water quality projects. We work closely with clients to develop and implement practical, cost-effective, and maintenance-friendly stormwater control measures. Our designs are balanced to minimize costs while providing flood control, enhancing water quality, and protecting wetlands, lakes, and rivers.


Many of our projects include land surveying services, which we complete in-house and embed in the efforts to deliver successful projects. TKDA’s land surveyors carry out boundary, topographic, and construction staking for street, building, parking lot, utility, or drainage improvement projects. Our surveyors also help clients with document research and analysis, control point networks, photogrammetric calculations, GPS and Robotic Total Station data collection, custom 2D and 3D AutoCAD, Microstation, and ArcGIS mapping. We also offer drone and scanning survey services, which are used for preliminary topographic surveys, final grading surveys, soil import/export calculations, structural inspection, and public engagement graphics. In the right application, this technology can save time and surveying costs.

SR 99 Bored Tunnel

TKDA supported the Seattle Tunnel Partners, A Joint Venture (STP-JV), with design and surveying services for a 2.2-mile tunnel project. We held four contracts, including designing the utility relocation and street restoration work, utility monitoring QA, manual survey for the settlement monitoring program, and QA Structural and Material Controls inspection. Our team designed the supports for the critical relocation of the 115 KVa main service loop from the Massachusetts Substation to the Union Substation along the waterfront. The design was to support this crucial infrastructure for the four-year duration of the tunnel boring and utility project in support of the design-build team. This design required the team to design for crossing seismic expansion joints and included an elevated level of seismic and safety importance factors. Our design had the supports and safety shrouds to protect cars and the public from this high-voltage power line.

City of Seattle On-Call Surveying Services

TKDA provided on-call surveying services for the City of Seattle Parks and Recreation Department. The contract covered all aspects of land survey services, including computing, verifying and/or determining parcel/legal property lines, determining the extent and location of encroachments, field boundary staking, street documentation and right-of-way, topographic and construction surveying, staking, monitoring, mapping, CAD and CADD, writing and reviewing legal descriptions, and acting as an expert witness.

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