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Creating Vibrant Communities Through Building Infrastructure

For more than a century, TKDA has crafted the spaces and buildings that make our communities lively and elevate our quality of living. Our multi-disciplined team collaborates to enhance facilities and sites for Pacific Northwest cities, counties, and other government agencies to tell great stories about the positive impact these facilities have on communities. We work together to provide building infrastructure improvements and assessments on public works, education and campus, transportation, and civic, parks and recreation facilities. At TKDA, we see these structures as hallmarks of thriving communities, worthy of focused, specialized attention to long-term stewardship through asset management, condition assessments, and thoughtful design.

Public Works and Maintenance Facilities

The most essential services provided by public agencies and private utilities are enabled by the buildings that too often go unnoticed. TKDA works closely with municipalities, counties, government agencies, and private organizations to design effective solutions from small renovations to full designs for new construction on public works buildings, maintenance facilities, fire stations, police stations, city halls, government centers, libraries, recreational facilities, and more. Our project approach is rooted in collaboration, and we work closely with clients to understand their vision and goals to ensure we meet project requirements and enhance the overall functionality and aesthetics of public spaces.

Education and Campus

In a landscape where change is accelerating for educational institutions, TKDA helps with long-range planning, project design, implementation, and ongoing facility asset management solutions. We serve a wide range of education facilities and campus needs with full planning and design services and a passion for creating flexible, efficient learning environments that spark ideas and inspire future leaders. Our team of architects, landscape architects, planners, and civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers collaborate to enhance the learning experience for K-12 and higher education clients. By often working with these schools and public institutions, our team understands the unique needs, financial constraints, and importance of sustainability. We examine design issues from all perspectives, exploring ideas and creating resilient, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient solutions. The products of our approach to planning and design for education are cost-effective facilities that support our clients’ unique cultures, programs, and priorities.

Transportation Facilities

Buildings, structures, and sites play a critical role in the function of our transportation infrastructure. We understand the importance of enhancing the use of public transportation and its facilities to connect people to the places that matter most. Public-facing facilities like parking structures, terminals, and transit stops are highly visible examples. The back-of-house facilities that are equally important to efficient and accessible transportation include intermodal freight terminals, fueling and charging facilities, snow removal equipment buildings, and operations and maintenance facilities. TKDA’s deep experience designing railroad, aviation, and surface transportation infrastructure is paralleled by our work on the facilities that support it. With a strong focus on constructability and maintaining operations during facility upgrades, we take an all-encompassing approach when designing transportation facilities that improve the user experience, increase safety measures, and keep reliability at the forefront.

Civic, Parks and Recreation

TKDA provides complete planning and design services to create vibrant parks and corridors connecting communities to our outdoor treasures. We have successfully executed a broad range of trail and park projects for National Parks, King County, and Kitsap County, aiming to create sustainable and healthy enhancements for the public. Inclusive and welcoming civic buildings, streetscapes, open spaces, and trails all combine to support engagement with communities to create resilient, functional spaces. From plazas and playgrounds to large-scale parks, rehabilitated nature preserves, and community centers, our projects tell great stories about the positive impact these facilities have on communities.

King County Condition Assessments

King County hired TKDA for a two-year master contract to provide multidisciplinary services, including condition assessments, nondestructive testing, and system inspection services to King County Metro Transit Division (KCM) for reporting on the State of Good Repair of KCM facilities and infrastructure. The objective of the Condition Assessment Program is to provide a defensible and effective way to compare the importance of a varied and extensive list of recommendations across a portfolio of KCM facilities and infrastructure. 

Hyla High School Remodel

The Hyla Middle School and High School Reuse Project involved repurposing and renovating over 355 buildings and site features. These features included seismic evaluation and schematic strengthening report, structural engineering for permit documents to include hanging partition wall, garage roll-up support, mezzanine with stair and walkway access, and new mechanical equipment support, covered trellis structure, and site walls.

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