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TKDA has over 110 years of experience and commitment to providing innovative solutions that improve the reliability and safety of rail transport systems across the United States. Today, we are known for delivering integrated rail solutions to Class I and shortline railroads, rail transit and commuter rail agencies, municipalities, ports and harbors, and industrial and private developers. To honor our expansive history and support rail clients in providing safe and efficient infrastructure in the future, we are aligning our rail group to better serve these clients and investing in the technical capabilities necessary to deliver high-quality solutions. We are excited about the opportunities our new technical and market leaders have to meet client goals and advance our role in the rail industry.

Mark Reierson, Mike Masek, and Gabe Carhill will start new market-leading roles at TKDA. Mark is our Emerging Technologies Market Manager, where he will support and guide client initiatives to implement new technologies. As our Fueling and Industrial Wastewater Market Manager, Mike will couple his technical expertise with team-oriented leadership skills to deliver critical fueling and industrial wastewater systems for rail clients. As the market lead for rail and transit facilities, Gabe will leverage his rail facility expertise and industry relationships to grow TKDA’s position as an industry leader.

Additionally, our new technical group managers, Structural Group Manager Tony Foggia, Electrical Group Manager Wes Wegner, and Civil Group Manager Matt Catton, will further drive growth and the value we provide to our freight and commuter clients. These employee owners are essential in providing technical mentoring and developing our capabilities to nurture the quality we are known for in the rail industry.

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