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Content Updated On:
August 5, 2015



Project Information

Hennepin County and the City of Medina are undertaking this project to address the existing safety, capacity, and mobility issues at the intersection of Highway 55 and CSAH 115/CR 116. The long-term solution for the area is an interchange, with CSAH 115/CR 116 bridging over Highway 55 and the railroad tracks.

The funding and timeline for construction of the interchange are uncertain. Therefore, the County and the City have been working together for the past several years to develop interim improvements for the area. These shorter-term improvements will improve safety, capacity, and mobility until the longer-term solution can be implemented.

The City received federal funding from the Highway 55 Corridor Coalition. The funding will pay for the environmental review, preliminary and final design, and right-of-way acquisition.

Project Elements

The project will include replacing the existing signal system at Highway 55, constructing raised medians, modifying accesses, constructing facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists, and upgrading the railroad crossing.

What Has Been Done So Far

Concept Phase -
The City developed a concept plan for the proposed improvements. Following meetings with local businesses, Mn/DOT, and Hennepin County, the City Council approved the concept layout presented at the November 18, 2008, City Council meeting with conditions according to the resolution (See the Layouts page.)

Preliminary Design Phase -
The County hired an engineering consultant, TKDA, to complete this phase of the project, which began in May 2011 and ended in December 2012. Work included:

Final Design Phase -
In January 2013, the City, County, Mn/DOT, and TKDA began the final design phase. Work will include completing environmental studies and documentation and preparing final construction plans and documents. The plans will be based on a layout approved by the City Council on June 2, 2015 (See the Layouts page.)


Interim Improvements*

Fall 2015

Complete Detail Design

April 2016

Begin Right-of-Way Acquisition

April 2016

Start Construction

April 2017

*Traffic signal and striping revisions to improve traffic operations at the CSAH 115/CR 116/Highway 55 intersection.