Engineering, Architecture, Planning

Fueling Services

TKDA is a leading provider of technical and support services related to planning, design and construction of fueling services. TKDA is an established leader in military, aviation, and port storage and distribution services. We have 200+ multi-disciplined staff members, including veterans of the military fueling community, in all engineering disciplines: mechanical, electrical, structural, and civil. Our fueling staff is cross-trained in various engineering and construction disciplines to provide our clients with innovative and dependable solutions to their fueling needs. All projects are designed using a system wide approach to support both current and long-term planning requirements while considering constructability and reduced maintenance and operational costs. This allows our clients to proceed with confidence knowing that their mission will be accomplished.

Our services encompass all aspects of fuel planning, design and construction including:


  • Aviation Fueling Services (Domestic and International)
    Automatic Control Systems
    Code Compliance
    Cathodic Protection
    Construction Phase Services
    Emergency Fuel Shut-Off
    Environmental Compliance
    Facility Response Plans (FRP)
    Fire Protection
    Fuel System Diagrams
    Fueling System Master Plans
    Hydrant Fuel Systems
    Hydraulic and Surge Analysis
    Leak Detection
    Other Ramp Services:
    • Aircraft Preconditioned Air Systems
    • 400 HZ Ground Power Systems
    • Aircraft Movement Analysis and Parking Layout
    Pipeline Receipt Stations
    Secondary Containment
    Site Security Analysis
    Spill Prevention, Control and Containment (SPCC) Plans
    Storage Tank Farms
    Truck Load and Off-Load Racks
  • Military Fueling Services
    Aboveground Fuel Storage Tanks
    Automated Control Systems
    Cathodic Protection
    Emergency Fuel Shut-Off Stations (EFSO)
    Environmental Compliance Projects including Secondary Containment
    Fire Protection Services
    Fuel Piping and Distribution Systems
    Hydraulic and Surge Analysis
    Leak Detection
    Pumping and Filtration
    Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans
    Truck Fill and Receipt Stands

  • Port Fuel Storage and Distribution Services
    Site Security Analysis
    Loading/Unloading Arms
    Fuel System Master Plans
    Storage Tank Farms
    Facility Response Plans/Coast Guard Plans
    Spill Prevention, Control and Containment (SPCC) Plans
    Leak Detection
    Secondary Containment
    Truck Load Racks
    Rail Access