Engineering, Architecture, Planning

Sustainable Design

TKDA provides planning, design and implementation services that address sustainability on a variety of public and private projects. We work with our clients to incorporate sustainable design and construction practices that reduce life-time project and infrastructure costs, while maintaining or enhancing the environment, health and the quality of life.

TKDA can help you incorporate green features into any project, whether these are LEED requirements, Minnesota B3 Sustainable Design Guidelines, or general green design features. Sustainable design and construction practices are not only good for the planet, but can reduce operating costs, energy and water use, meet or exceed regulatory requirements, and preserve natural resources

Sustainability Services:

  • Provide LEED Accredited Professionals: architects, landscape architects, and civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers
  • Assist with LEED building, interior and site design
  • Assist with writing green ordinances and zoning regulations
  • Preserve open space and native habitats
  • Incorporate complete-streets designs that are pedestrian, bike and transit-friendly
  • Plan infiltration solutions: pervious pavement, underground basins, rain gardens, green roofs
  • Design infrastructure rehabilitation including pipe relining and reclaimed base in roadways
  • Recycle and reduce construction waste going to landfills
  • Use low albedo materials and trees to reduce urban heat island effect
  • Develop grey water reuse irrigation systems
  • Employ xeriscaping to reduce mowing and watering and enhance the environment for native species
  • Perform energy audits and alternative energy studies
  • Design geothermal heating systems
  • Design solar panel arrays
  • Utilize electronic lighting controls and energy efficient LED lighting
  • Optimize HVAC system controls and heat recovery systems
  • Use daylighting and passive solar control
  • Reduce VOCs in carpets, paints, and sealants for a healthier indoor environment