Engineering, Architecture, Planning


What is a charrette? Charrette is a French word referring to a process that combines architectural programming and schematic design in an intensive, interactive effort. A charrette is highly participative. It involves all who need to be involved in describing the needed facilities, exploring architectural design options, and reaching consensus on a course of action.

How does it work? TKDA will send a team to your location. After touring your facility, we'll meet with the project's stakeholders, hear their ideas, sketch out design options, get feedback, revise the plans, present the revised plans for more feedback, and keep refining until consensus is reached. We work day and night until this is done.

How long does it take? Typically, a charrette takes about one to two days depending on the size of the project. By the end, you have an architectural solution that includes floor plans and sketches of key design features, including interior finishes and furnishings. If you wish, we can follow up with further design development, specs and contract documents, and construction administration. Or, someone else can take it from there. A TKDA charrette is a fantastic way to jump-start a project. Our clients like the results. It saves not only time and money but also the headaches that come with multiple constituencies and complex architectural projects.