Engineering, Architecture, Planning

Wastewater Treatment

The wastewater system is a vital part of a municipality's infrastructure. As experts in all wastewater treatment technologies, TKDA works to understand your community to identify the right technology to fit your unique needs. We understand the importance of cost control and seek the best financial and funding programs to minimize the cost impacts on users of the system. We stress the use of best management practices to optimize, economize, protect, and extend the life of the wastewater system.


  • Facility Planning and Preliminary Engineering Studies
  • Design and Construction Services for New and Upgraded Facilities
  • Rate and Revenue Studies
  • Sewer Use and Rate Ordinances
  • Industrial Pretreatment Programs
  • Mercury Minimization, TMDL's and Other Permitting Assistance
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Biosolids Management Plans
  • Asset Management and Capital Improvement Plans
  • Grant and Loan Application/Acquisition Assistance