Engineering, Architecture, Planning

Sewer Conveyance

Municipalities and public agencies are faced with increasing challenges to replace and maintain their aging underground utility infrastructure. While the competition for public funds increases, the phrase "out of sight, out of mind" becomes all too familiar, as the upkeep of our public utilities remains a low interest of the unknowing public. Efforts to deliver sustainable underground utility infrastructure services will require the Engineering and Public Works communities to better manage and prioritize their utility capital improvement program. To be successful it will be important to consider and evaluate new and evolving pipe rehabilitation technologies.

TKDA professionals remain on the leading edge of underground construction technologies and can assist our clients with exploring all their options, including finding less expensive solutions to critical infrastructure needs. Through TKDA, you can add these Utility Management and Pipe Rehabilitation Technologies to your tool box of potential solutions.


  • Asset Inventory and Mapping
  • Condition Assessment and Capital Improvement Planning
  • Rate Studies, Funding, Grant Applications
  • Sanitary Sewer
    Sanitary Sewer and Interceptor Collection Systems
    Sewer Lining and Rehabilitation
    Lift Stations and Forcemains
    Infiltration and Inflow Analysis/Studies
    Sump Pump Inspection Services
  • Watermain Distribution
    Distribution System Modeling/Hydraulic Analysis
    Watermains, including Directional Drill Methods
    Booster Pumping Stations
    Leak Detection Surveys and Locates
    Meter Reading
  • Rehabilitation Technologies
    Cured in Place Pipe Lining for Gravity Sewers
    Pressure Pipe Lining (structural and non-structural) for watermain and sewer forcemains
    Pipe bursting for water and sewer pipe installations
    Manhole, pipe joint, gate valve, hydrant, and structural repairs
    Piling retrofits for pipe corrections and support