Engineering, Architecture, Planning

City Planning Services

Careful and thoughtful planning helps communities be strong and healthy while achieving their diverse goals.

TKDA works with our clients to understand their individual character, values, and planning needs. Our planners work closely with engineers, landscape architects, and others to provide a full range of services that help communities plan and design their future and implement those plans on a day-to-day basis.

Why Choose TKDA?

You can rely on our experienced, full-service team to meet all of your planning needs. We strengthen communities through a sustainable and creative approach to land-use, economic development, natural resources, and infrastructure planning. We bring ideas and a wealth of experience to your plans and projects. We provide responsive, reliable, and consistent services to each of our clients.


  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Land Use and Zoning
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Green Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Parks, Trails, and Open Space Planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Streetscapes and Corridor Plans
  • Airport Planning
  • Surface Water Plans
  • Environmental Reviews
  • Annexation and Municipal Incorporation
  • Ordinances and Policy Development
  • GIS and Mapping Services
  • Public Participation