Engineering, Architecture, Planning

Who We Are

TKDA is a 100% employee-owned engineering and architecture firm that thrives on diversity. Diverse markets, diverse clients, diverse staff, and diverse ideas.

Diverse Markets. Embracing change and pursuing diverse markets has led to a century of growth through good times and bad. It underpins our stability. Each of our markets—corporate, civic, education, public and industrial infrastructure, aviation, rail, and surface transportation—has its own cycle of ups and downs. Woven together, they form a very strong TKDA, versatile enough to adapt when needed, and cohesive enough to draw on each other’s strengths in collaborative ventures.

Diverse Clients. Within each market, diverse clients provide valuable lessons learned. Knowing both corporate needs and education trends helps us tailor solutions for the future of each. Designing both municipal and industrial infrastructure brings insight to their integration. And understanding multiple modes of transportation—from air, rail, roads, bike trails, and walkways—informs how they meet, cross, and connect.

Diverse Staff. Diversity is more than a cross-section of demographics. It’s a function of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. This diversity of experience is what makes people truly unique, and keeps TKDA responsive, relevant, and evolving. TKDA fosters and nurtures this diversity.

Diverse Ideas. What do you bring to the table? TKDA is continually impressed and motivated by the talent surrounding us. But the greatest ideas mean nothing, unheard. We listen—to our markets, our clients, and to each other. Share your ideas with us.